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Shootout at Texas dealership kills 3


by Broken Window Theory A shooting last night at a Nissan dealership in the Dallas region left three people dead, a local NBC television affiliate reported. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

Focus, Fiesta owners sue Ford over faulty Powershift transmissions


by Benoit cars Nearly 7,000 Fiesta and Focus owners are suing Ford over defective PowerShift transmissions in some small cars, a problem that has plagued the automaker for years. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

Quebec incentives cover used Nissan Leafs, including U.S. ones


by Sherlock77 (James) Used Nissan Leafs from the U.S. could migrate north to take advantage of an incentive program offered by Canada’s Quebec province and embraced by Nissan North America. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

Will Facebook be the next big thing in online used-car ads?


by *Ken Lane* Facebook has the potential to be a major force in used-car sales with a new feature called Marketplace, which eases concerns about dealing with strangers. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

Failed Google deal left Fields in the lurch


by Mike Traverse A look back at the timeline of the failed Ford-Google talks reveals a moment that became a turning point in Mark Fields’ career at Ford. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

Self-driving vehicles make inroads in factories


by Dave Adams Automotive Images While Elon Musk has laid out a futuristic vision of car factories staffed by robots, the legacy auto industry is quietly putting a version of that vision into motion. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed