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FCA has Chinese suitors, sources say


by Eddy CJ Chinese automakers are facing government pressure to buy foreign companies – and FCA makes an attractive target. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

NAFTA’s touchy issue: rules of origin


by NZ Car Freak Automakers and free-trade proponents warn that even minor adjustments to the rules of origin could upset the carefully constructed balance of economic interests among the U.S., Mexico and Canada. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

Why does Acura bother with the RLX?


by dave_7 With a refreshed model for 2018, Honda is looking to pump some life back into its premier luxury car. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

Mazda’s powertrain moonshot

The new engine delivers torque and fuel efficiency on par with a diesel engine but without nasty nitrogen oxide or sooty emissions. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

Hyundai’s new design studio aims to speed up the process


by Damian Morys Photography Hyundai and Genesis are aiming to halve product design cycles, slashing the time it would take them to roll out full model changes. It’s a bid to respond quickly to changing trends and keep products fresh amid toughening competition. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

Bond investors give Tesla a $1.8 billion endorsement


by Adam Taves Tesla raised $ 1.8 billion in its debut bond sale, boosting the amount by $ 300 million to meet demand. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed