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Honeywell to spin off turbocharger business

Taking a better shot

by Helen K Honeywell plans to spin off its turbocharger business into a new publicly listed company by the end of 2018. The turbocharger business is expected to generate annual revenue of about $ 3 billion. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

Plan ahead to help daughters become dealers


by elstro_88 In this QandA, the head of GM’s Women’s Retail Network discusses father-to-daughter dealership succession issues and more. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

Ford taps Silicon Valley startup to build transportation software


by Dmitry Terekhov Ford has begun to develop new transportation service applications using a software platform developed by Autonomic, a small Silicon Valley startup. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

Wall Street warms to Detroit’s EV vision


by jjwright85 GM’s and Ford’s visions for competing against Silicon Valley are starting to come into focus #8212; and Wall Street finally may be taking notice. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

Toyota ready to defend Mexico beachhead


by MS Society – SVIC Toyota, long a bit player in Mexico, now is No. 4 in sales there. It plans to defend its Mexican beachhead with an expanded model line and second assembly plant. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

Toyota aims to rev up sedan fans with music


by Dave Adams Automotive Images Toyota’s „Sensations“ ad campaign uses intergenerational music and a lot of engine noise to show that the Camry isn’t just a household appliance. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed