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California sets demands for emissions talks with automakers, White House


by grandjury California may reopen discussions on its greenhouse gas limits for cars and trucks for 2025, so long as automakers and the Trump administration embrace significantly tougher targets the state is seeking for later years. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

Automakers urged to collaborate with defense industry


by Closed 24/7 Michigan Lt. Gov. Brian Calley urged the auto industry to collaborate with defense contractors to speed up technology. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

Automakers, auctions align to prop up used car prices


by Closed 24/7 Facing a glut of off-lease cars but armed with detailed, real-time pricing data that was not available during the last downturn, auctioneers can now help automakers figure out where a used vehicle can fetch the best price. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

Automakers increase incentives, as sales stall


by grandjury Automakers are steadily increasing incentive spending as U.S. light-vehicle sales continue to slow heading into the second half of 2017. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

Automakers cling to old models around after redesigns


by Dave Adams Automotive Images Keeping older vehicle designs in production after their replacements are introduced is becoming an important strategy. It protects market share and keeps budget-conscious customers happy. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

‘CSI’ teams help automakers spot trouble


by charlie cars Volvo has analyzed 40,000 car accidents since the 1970s. While much has changed since then, Volvo and other automakers now gather as much data as possible to make future vehicles safer. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed