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Accelerated testing could bring driverless cars to the road sooner


by CarSpotter A shortcut in evaluating self-driving cars could allow researchers to bypass millions of testing miles and potentially saving 99.9 percent in time and costs, mobility researchers at the University of Michigan have reported. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

Driverless cars will redefine racing


by DaveWilsonPhotography In the early days of racing, it was questionable if a car could even cross the finish line. Vehicle engineering was still a new science, and completing a race in one piece was half the battle. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

How to fund road upgrades for self-driving cars


by starshaped Congress should initially tax automated-vehicle travel at a penny per mile to help fund necessary infrastructure improvements, a leading think tank suggests. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

CIA ‘mission’ on cars shows concern about next-generation vehicles


by CarSpotter WikiLeaks documents showing the Central Intelligence Agency considered a „mission“ against connected car technology underscores auto industry concern that the science behind the next generation of vehicles could be turned against them. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

Abe has a Trump problem: How to get Japan to buy U.S. cars


by Ed Yourdon As Japan races to preserve trade ties with the United States after President Donald Trump withdrew from a Pacific trade pact, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe faces a dilemma that has plagued Japanese leaders since the 1980s: How to convince his citizens… … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

Trump, autonomous cars, VW and the new GM: The year’s biggest stories


by JeepersMedia Donald Trump’s surprising presidential election victory leads our list of the top stories of 2016. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed