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Driverless cars will redefine racing


by DaveWilsonPhotography In the early days of racing, it was questionable if a car could even cross the finish line. Vehicle engineering was still a new science, and completing a race in one piece was half the battle. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

How to fund road upgrades for self-driving cars


by starshaped Congress should initially tax automated-vehicle travel at a penny per mile to help fund necessary infrastructure improvements, a leading think tank suggests. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

CIA ‘mission’ on cars shows concern about next-generation vehicles


by CarSpotter WikiLeaks documents showing the Central Intelligence Agency considered a „mission“ against connected car technology underscores auto industry concern that the science behind the next generation of vehicles could be turned against them. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

Abe has a Trump problem: How to get Japan to buy U.S. cars


by Ed Yourdon As Japan races to preserve trade ties with the United States after President Donald Trump withdrew from a Pacific trade pact, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe faces a dilemma that has plagued Japanese leaders since the 1980s: How to convince his citizens… … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

Trump, autonomous cars, VW and the new GM: The year’s biggest stories


by JeepersMedia Donald Trump’s surprising presidential election victory leads our list of the top stories of 2016. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

Tesla rolling out Autopilot software updates to 1,000 cars


by Proudlove Tesla began rolling out software updates to customers with newer cars, bringing them to parity with owners who have what’s known as ‘Autopilot 1’ and setting the stage to ultimately unleash full self-driving capability. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed