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How Hyundai enlisted more minority dealers


by KevHaworthPhotography In 2011, Hyundai ranked seventh among automakers in terms of minority-owned dealerships in the U.S. Hyundai since has shot past Toyota, Honda and Nissan in its minority-dealer count. Here’s how. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

Some Dodge dealers give in to Demon temptation


by RGT3 Pics Some, but not all, Dodge dealers are seeking market adjustments that would nearly double the price for the limited-edition drag racer. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

Smart dealers face decision amid shift to EVs


by Philipp Lücke Why didn’t the microcar brand work out as expected in the U.S., and can it succeed with just EVs? … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

Solar-power push is on for Colorado dealers


by Daniel Mennerich A new initiative hopes to get as many Colorado dealers onto solar energy as possible before federal tax incentives begin to fade in 2020. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

Newspapers still deliver for some dealers


by brizzle born and bred Bob Mann’s Chrysler dealership is located just a half hour from Silicon Valley, the hub of all things digital. So why does he devote 60% of his advertising budget to print? … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

A much happier new year for VW dealers


by Christian Junker | Photography Following decades of contentious factory/dealer relations and one of the largest scandals in automotive history, Volkswagen dealers were cheering and smiling following their make meeting Saturday. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed