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Tornado wipes out Texas auto dealership


by gwilli A Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram dealership in Canton, Texas, was swept away Saturday night during a tornado, reported the NBC affiliate television station in Dallas-Fort Worth. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

Yark Subaru named Best Dealership To Work For


by pedrosimoes7 Yark Subaru, in Toledo, Ohio, has been named the No. 1 dealership on the fifth annual Automotive News list of the 100 Best Dealerships To Work For. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

N.C. Chevrolet dealership co-owner charged with sex crime


by Niklas Emmerich Photography A North Carolina Chevrolet dealership co-owner and TV pitchman was accused of a felony sex crime earlier this week. Mike Lallier, 63, of Reed-Lallier Chevrolet in Fayetteville, N.C., was arrested on Monday in Darlington County, S.C. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

The Zero Tolerance Guide to Buying New & Used Vehicles: How to Spot Car Dealership Scams a Mile Away & Actually Make Money on Your Vehicle Purchase


In this guidebook, you are going to get the following information boiled down to just below thirty pages, providing you practically nothing but the details with out forcing you to study also significantly ahead of making a buy: Locate out the differences amongst services contracts and warranties with a appear at expense, coverage, claims, and

Car Dealers Business Case©, Teaching Notes, PROBLEM (A), (B), (C) / (Chinese Edition 中文版): International Strategy and General Management for Automotive Car Dealership Network


雖然家族企業由家族經營他們的企業組織在當今世界的主導形式,對這些企業缺乏系統的研究。 這種分析和業務是基於研究和知識應用於超過五年的基礎上,在管理世界的思想和理論力量以及發展自己的方法。 這個商業案例是5年的研究和應用知識產生的結果。它是基於實際的數據,雖然它們已被刪去一些名字和情況有意。 “賣車的商業案例©”是“國際戰略與管理”適用於全球所有的汽車品牌及其經銷商網絡 – 奧迪,法拉利,寶馬,奔馳,保時捷,本田,豐田,大眾,捷豹,福特,勞斯萊斯-Royce,日產,雪佛蘭,沃爾沃,雷克薩斯,路虎,馬自達,三菱,迷你,雷諾,標致,座椅,道奇,現代,阿爾法羅密歐,吉普,斯巴魯,起亞,雪鐵龍,菲亞特,鈴木,歐寶,克萊斯勒,GMC,斯柯達,五十鈴,大宇,奇瑞,雙龍。 /有

Car Dealership cell phone cover case Samsung S5


Plastic Hard Case Cover Automobile Dealership Cellphone Cover Case Samsung S5 Categories: Transport, By Road, Vehicle, Fotolia image from ellisia Country: Türkei You would like your cellphone to have a very special personal search? Then this is the proper area for you. Design the seem of your cell phone cover to your really individual taste.