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Which suppliers will survive the electric era?


by Eddy CJ A new forecast warns that as many as 75 of the industry’s top 100 suppliers will face irrelevance by 2030 unless they establish a niche for electrified cars. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

VW tells California plans for electric car charging in poorer areas


by Proudlove Volkswagen told California it was expanding efforts to build electric car infrastructure in poorer communities, responding to regulators who described „shortcomings“ in VW’s plan. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

VW waves green flag for Microbus-styled electric MPV


by DaveWilsonPhotography Volkswagen’s long-awaited Microbus-styled MPV will see production as an electric vehicle, Auto Express reported. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

Smart prices 2017 electric 2-seat coupe from $24,550


by RGT3 Pics As it goes to an all-electric strategy, Smart USA is dropping the price of its redesigned 2017 Smart Electric Drive coupe by $ 1,200 when it goes on sale this summer. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

Is the world ready for an electric MG?


by jamssy MG, the former British automaker once known in the U.S. for its affordable sports cars, is not only alive and well, it’s reportedly about to introduce something far more advanced than the last car it’s remembered for in the States. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

FCA’s Comau eyed by Shanghai Electric, other Chinese buyers, report says


by Frankenspotter Photography Chinese firms including Shanghai Electric have approached Fiat Chrysler Automobiles to express an interest in buying its Comau robotics business, sources familiar with the matter told Reuters. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed