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Senate proposal aims to align NHTSA, EPA emissions programs


by CAHairyBear A half dozen U.S. senators sponsored legislation to address technical discrepancies between separate federal programs that automakers say make it difficult to comply with carbon and fuel efficiency mandates. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

FCA to modify diesel engines to thwart U.S. suit over emissions levels


by Dmitry Terekhov Fiat Chrysler filed a proposed fix to diesel engines that the company predicts will resolve negotiations with the Justice Department and other U.S. regulators over emissions levels. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

Fiat Chrysler shares drop as U.S. weighs suit over diesel emissions


by Broken Window Theory Fiat Chrysler Automobiles shares fell over 3 percent in early U.S. trading on Thursday on reports the Justice Department is preparing to file a civil suit against the automaker for selling 104,000 vehicles that emit excess diesel emissions. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

White House seeks to slash EPA funds for emissions testing


by Dave Adams Automotive Images The Trump administration would nearly eliminate federal funding for the EPA’s budget for light-vehicle emissions and fuel-economy testing but will seek to raise fees on the auto industry to pay for some tests. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

Calif. upholds Obama emissions rules, setting up clash with EPA over mpg targets


by Eddy CJ California approved light-vehicle pollution targets that the Trump administration has put on hold, setting up a potential face-off between federal and state regulators over emissions rules that could be expensive for automakers and a headache for… … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

Trump’s review of emissions rules may only slow march to higher mpg


by Sherlock77 (James) Emissions rules set by the EPA may take a backseat to consumers demanding vehicles that guzzle less gas and automakers having to meet tougher standards if they want to export cars overseas, according to analysts. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed