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California bill to banish fossil fuel cars by 2040 in the works


by Niklas Emmerich Photography A California lawmaker wants to put the state alongside China, France and the U.K. and have its legislature consider a ban on vehicles powered by fossil fuels. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

Hyundai fuel cell crossover spied


by pedrosimoes7 Spy photographers recently captured the Hyundai FCEV, revealing the crossover’s styling cues are largely carried over from a concept that debuted in August. The production FCEV will be formally introduced at CES in January. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

U.S. may revise 2021 fuel efficiency standards, freeze targets


by beanqueen.killer The Transportation Department said it may revise auto fuel efficiency requirements starting with the 2021 model year, a year earlier than previously disclosed, and could adopt lower standards through 2025. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

Toyota to bring Mirai hydrogen fuel cell sedan to China


by that guy named Rob Toyota will begin testing the Mirai hydrogen fuel cell sedan in China in October to assess the market for fuel cell cars and promote the futuristic technology. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

Carmakers’ plea for fuel economy review sets stage for showdown


by JeepersMedia Automakers enjoying lucrative sales of trucks and SUVs are hoping President Donald Trump makes good on his vows to deregulate. Environmental groups are saying fuel efficiency standards won’t be watered down without a legal challenge. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

EPA locks in 2025 fuel efficiency rules


by aawiseman EPA chief Gina McCarthy finalized a determination that the landmark fuel efficiency rules instituted by President Barack Obama should be locked in through 2025, a bid to maintain a key part of his administration’s climate legacy. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed