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How factory can help turn browsers into buyers


by Dave Adams Automotive Images A study points to a lack of coordination between automakers and retailers on presenting inventory, messaging, search engine marketing and website layouts. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

Plan ahead to help daughters become dealers


by elstro_88 In this QandA, the head of GM’s Women’s Retail Network discusses father-to-daughter dealership succession issues and more. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

Google Attribution aims to help marketers identify most influential ads


by Alex88 – Profile updated please read A new tool from Google aims to give digital advertisers deeper insight into the consumer’s shopping journey. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

‘CSI’ teams help automakers spot trouble


by charlie cars Volvo has analyzed 40,000 car accidents since the 1970s. While much has changed since then, Volvo and other automakers now gather as much data as possible to make future vehicles safer. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

Chicago Auto Show pilots epass system to help stoke sales leads


by CarSpotter The Chicago Auto Show is trying new attendee registration technology this year to fortify its position as a critical lead provider for automakers. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed