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Why the auto industry needs a new toolbox


by Benoit cars As the auto industry perches on the edge of a drastic technological disruption, its mechanical engineering prowess is no longer enough. The autonomous and connected future is going to require a new set of tools. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

AutoNation CEO sees auto industry transfored, but not personal car use


by jjwright85 AutoNation CEO Mike Jackson says there is a revolution in the sharing marketplace on the way, but it won’t have much effect on personal use of cars. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

Amid Harvey’s destruction in Texas, auto industry assesses damage


by Philipp Lücke Editor’s note: Automotive News is monitoring the effects Harvey is having on automotive operations, supply chain, retailers and shipping. We will report developments as details emerge. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

Auto industry prepares for Hurricane Harvey havoc in gulf


by Dave Adams Automotive Images Freight transportation in Texas could be severely disrupted by Hurricane Harvey – potentially delaying deliveries of finished vehicles as well as auto parts to and from Mexico. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

Automakers urged to collaborate with defense industry


by Closed 24/7 Michigan Lt. Gov. Brian Calley urged the auto industry to collaborate with defense contractors to speed up technology. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

Auto industry braces for Trump decision on imported steel, aluminum


by NZ Car Freak Automakers are concerned about the unintended consequences of any restrictions on steel, including a potential decline in domestic auto production and the risk of triggering a global trade war. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed