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Mercedes showcases its pickup


by CAHairyBear Mercedes-Benz has finally added a pickup to its lineup and people have taken notice. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

Mercedes targets quad-bike loving wealthy with luxury pickup


by Damian Morys Photography Mercedes-Benz is stretching its refined image with its first ever pickup truck, betting that upscale car buyers are ready for an open-bed hauler with leather seats, oak trim and Autobahn handling. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

Mercedes orders up more light trucks for U.S.


by Frankenspotter Photography Mercedes leaders say the increase could move the brand closer to a 50-50 sales mix of cars and light trucks for the year, and get inventory more in line with consumer demand. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

Mercedes says recall won’t hurt U.S. sales

Mercedes-Benz’s recall of 1 million vehicles for fire risk – including some new 2017 vehicles – shouldn’t hurt the brand’s U.S. sales, the automaker says. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

Mercedes will recall 1 million newer vehicles globally, 307,629 in U.S., after 51 fires


by Niklas Emmerich Photography Daimler said it will recall 1 million newer-model Mercedes-Benz vehicles worldwide due to the risk of fire, after 51 fires were reported. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

U.S. judge throws out emissions fraud lawsuit against Mercedes


by Thomas Hawk A U.S. judge threw out a proposed class action lawsuit alleging that automaker Mercedes misled consumers about emissions standards in „BlueTec Clean Diesel“ vehicles. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed