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Tesla assures Model 3 on time as Musk’s cash burn continues


by beanqueen.killer Tesla assured investors its Model 3 sedan is on track to begin production, mitigating concerns that the carmaker is burning through more cash to bring the vehicle to market. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

What does Lucid Air have over Tesla Model S?


by pedrosimoes7 The Lucid Air drew scant attention at the New York auto show. But Lucid’s chief technology officer says the four-door electric vehicle is markedly superior to the cars of his previous company: Tesla. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

Tesla aims to start pilot output of Model 3 this month, report says


by CarSpotter Tesla has told suppliers it plans to begin test-building the Model 3 on Feb. 20, Reuters reported, citing people familiar with the matter. The move could allay concerns about the company meeting a target to start production of the $ 35,000 EV in July. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

Tesla Autopilot to use radar after fatal Model S crash


by Jason Farrar Autopilot, the semiautonomous driving technology in Tesla vehicles, will rely on radar rather than information primarily gathered by camera sensors to initiate braking, CEO Elon Musk said on Sunday. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

Updated Tesla Model X falcon wing door frustrates owners


by Doundounba A software update of the complex computer-controlled gullwing doors on Tesla’s Model X may have created a bigger problem than the one it solved. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

Tesla opens flagship store in San Francisco’s ‘Auto Row’ ahead of Model 3


by Dave Adams Automotive Images Tesla marked the opening of its largest North American sales, service and delivery center in San Francisco, a key market from which the EV maker will introduce its Model 3 sedan late next year. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed