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Subaru pads 2nd-gen Crosstrek with more safety gear, off-road capability


by Niklas Emmerich Photography The Crosstrek, Subaru’s No. 3 seller in the U.S., will be replaced in August with a version that rides on a new, stiffer global platform. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

GM shifts from bigger is better to less global, more profitable


by Dmitry Terekhov GM’s decision to sell its European operations doubles down on a bet that the company can win by being less global, but more profitable, in an auto industry increasingly driven by software. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

Trump meets with Detroit 3 CEOs as he demands more U.S.-built vehicles


by Proudlove President Donald Trump met with the CEOs of the Detroit 3 automakers as he looks to persuade car manufacturers to keep production within the country. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

EPA denies automakers’ request for more time on fuel economy review


by Yenly Trần The EPA today told an automaker lobbyist group that it will not extend the deadline for a review of strict fuel economy standards through the 2025 vehicle model year, indicating the agency will push ahead with a plan to make the rules final before… … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

Musk closes Tesla-SolarCity deal, more challenges lie ahead


by charlie cars Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk won approval on Thursday from the electric luxury automaker’s shareholders for an acquisition of SolarCity, the solar energy system installer in which he is the largest shareholder. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

California proposes giving more freedom to test self-driving cars


by Mike Traverse California will allow companies more leeway in testing self-driving cars on public roads while restricting how the nascent technology is advertised under revised draft regulations. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed