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Canadian ambassador to U.S. hopeful for NAFTA deal by March


by JeepersMedia Canada’s ambassador to the U.S. said he thinks reaching a March target to revamp the NAFTA is still possible. The sticking point? Negotiators must overcome thorny issues like American demands for tougher auto quotas. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

Mexico, Canada shun U.S. demands for higher auto content under NAFTA


by Frankenspotter Photography Divisions over updating NAFTA showed no sign of easing on Sunday as Mexico and Canada signaled they would not offer counterproposals to American demands for far stronger automotive content rules, Reuters reported, citing people with knowledge of the… … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

Canada open to Mexico’s 5-year NAFTA review proposal


by Ted Abbott Canada is open to a Mexican proposal to review NAFTA every five years instead of terminating the deal automatically if it is not renegotiated, as the United States has demanded. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

Congress may play key role in fate of NAFTA


by Ed Yourdon President Trump doesn’t have a completely free hand when it comes to trade. Congress has certain authorities to regulate international commerce, and NAFTA was enabled by a series of domestic laws that only Congress can change. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

NAFTA talks take acrimonious turn


by Dave Adams Automotive Images Efforts to renegotiate NAFTA have bogged down over controversial U.S. proposals, with Canada and Mexico blaming the U.S. for trying to protect its market at the expense of the region’s economy and the U.S. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

Grim reality of NAFTA talks sets in after tough U.S. demands


by gem66 Negotiators from Canada and Mexico grappled with U.S. demands to drastically alter NAFTA as talks over renewal of the pact vilified by President Donald Trump ran through a fourth straight day. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed