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Why the auto industry needs a new toolbox


by Benoit cars As the auto industry perches on the edge of a drastic technological disruption, its mechanical engineering prowess is no longer enough. The autonomous and connected future is going to require a new set of tools. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

Ford wants dealer service centers ready for special needs of ride-sharing providers


by Dave Adams Automotive Images Ford wants its dealership service centers to move much faster as an increasing amount of ride-sharing fleets hit the road and need routine or unscheduled maintenance and repairs. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

Chevrolet: Camaro coupe 1968 chevrolet camaro project car needs restoration cheap no reserve

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Why your Sales Staff hates you: What every Dealership General Manager needs to know and what to do about it. The Car Dealership Edition


You have noticed some kind of rift between you and your employees. You have a hard time communicating to your sales employees, desk managers, support managers and other employees pertinent to the dealership. You have a challenging time retaining experienced workers. In truth, your turnover charge is by way of the roof. “Well each and