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‘Data-driven’ EPA review pits facts vs. other facts


by Drew Olanoff The auto industry says it just wants a fair process that includes the most accurate, up-to-date models, data and assumptions. But EPA critics see a broader assault on scientific principles underpinning federal environmental policy. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

Profit-rich trucks may catch break in Trump auto review


by Reece Garside | Photography A move under consideration by the Trump administration could ease tough fuel-efficiency standards set to take effect in 2021 on light trucks, the bulwark of U.S. auto industry sales and profits. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

Trump’s review of emissions rules may only slow march to higher mpg


by Sherlock77 (James) Emissions rules set by the EPA may take a backseat to consumers demanding vehicles that guzzle less gas and automakers having to meet tougher standards if they want to export cars overseas, according to analysts. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

EPA will reopen review of 2025 emissions rules


by Thomas Hawk President Donald Trump said his administration will reopen a review of Obama-era emissions mandates, welcome news for automakers that argue the strict standards are costly and out-of-touch with market realities. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

Carmakers’ plea for fuel economy review sets stage for showdown


by JeepersMedia Automakers enjoying lucrative sales of trucks and SUVs are hoping President Donald Trump makes good on his vows to deregulate. Environmental groups are saying fuel efficiency standards won’t be watered down without a legal challenge. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed