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Ghosn says Nissan alliance will lean on suppliers for growth


by pedrosimoes7 Carlos Ghosn has big visions for the growth of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance. And to make it happen, he knows he must lean on parts suppliers like never before. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

Battery suppliers face capacity crunch

Concerns are growing that battery suppliers such as LG Chem and Samsung won’t be able to keep up as automakers promise dozens of new electric vehicles in the coming years. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

Interior suppliers show visions of the driverless car cockpit


by grandjury Interior suppliers at the Frankfurt auto show signal a growing consensus about how cockpits of the future will look – with preference for armrest controls, no knobs and no center consoles. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

For some suppliers, a cautious eye on the EV’s prospects


by Dave Adams Automotive Images Some of the world’s top auto-parts suppliers aren’t buying all the enthusiasm about the electric vehicles hyped by Tesla CEO Elon Musk and larger automakers trying to keep up. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

Which suppliers will survive the electric era?


by Eddy CJ A new forecast warns that as many as 75 of the industry’s top 100 suppliers will face irrelevance by 2030 unless they establish a niche for electrified cars. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

STATE OF SUPPLIERS: Mighty Aisin tackles lowly parking lot


by pedrosimoes7 Rather than leaping into the high-level fight for highway autonomous driving technology, Japan’s Aisin Seiki Co. is aiming at a low-speed market opportunity #8212; the humble parking lot. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed