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Tesla learns how to be a German automaker


by charlie cars Tesla’s rush to produce the Model 3 has a subplot that shows how much the company’s ambitions depend on German expertise – and why German automakers are confident they can match anything Tesla throws at them. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

Tesla recruiting event in Mexico flooded by hopeful engineers


by bergunder Engineers from across Mexico streamed into a cramped hotel lobby in the industrial city of Monterrey for a chance to get a job with Tesla. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

Tesla assures Model 3 on time as Musk’s cash burn continues


by beanqueen.killer Tesla assured investors its Model 3 sedan is on track to begin production, mitigating concerns that the carmaker is burning through more cash to bring the vehicle to market. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

Tesla must complete brake fix to regain top safety rating, Consumer Reports says


by CarSpotter Tesla needs to complete fixing its Model S sedan emergency braking system to regain Consumer Reports’ top safety rating, the magazine said on Friday, noting that a recent update by the luxury electric car maker was not enough. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

Tesla surpassing GM? Only on Wall Street


by Reece Garside | Photography It’s important to remember how irrelevant Wall Street’s arbitrary measure of a company’s value is on every other street in America, where you’re far more likely to see a GM vehicle in the driveway than a Tesla. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

What does Lucid Air have over Tesla Model S?


by pedrosimoes7 The Lucid Air drew scant attention at the New York auto show. But Lucid’s chief technology officer says the four-door electric vehicle is markedly superior to the cars of his previous company: Tesla. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed