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States sue Trump administration over delayed fuel-economy fines


by Dave Adams Automotive Images New York, California and three other U.S. states are suing the federal government for delaying the rollout of higher „gas-guzzler“ penalties for automakers building new vehicles failing to meet minimum fuel-economy standards. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

Profit-rich trucks may catch break in Trump auto review


by Reece Garside | Photography A move under consideration by the Trump administration could ease tough fuel-efficiency standards set to take effect in 2021 on light trucks, the bulwark of U.S. auto industry sales and profits. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

Auto industry braces for Trump decision on imported steel, aluminum


by NZ Car Freak Automakers are concerned about the unintended consequences of any restrictions on steel, including a potential decline in domestic auto production and the risk of triggering a global trade war. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

Fields had rocky relationship with Trump


by CAHairyBear Mark Fields’ tenure as CEO coincided with a Donald Trump presidential candidacy that cast a harsh spotlight on the company’s global production base. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

Trump tax plan likely won’t include border-adjusted tax


by Dave Adams Automotive Images The Trump administration will propose a corporate tax rate reduction to 15 percent, but the White House likely won’t support the controversial border-adjusted tax to replace lost revenue. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

BMW CEO Krueger to join Germany’s Merkel in meeting with Trump


by brizzle born and bred BMW CEO Harald Krueger and two other German CEOs are expected to join Chancellor Angela Merkel today in her meeting with President Trump amid rising tensions on trade issues. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed