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Car dealers see opportunity as Harvey roils used market


by Dave Adams Automotive Images With Hurricane Harvey potentially having damaged 1 million vehicles in Houston, the rush is on in states near and far to acquire and ship new ones into the city. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

Automakers, auctions align to prop up used car prices


by Closed 24/7 Facing a glut of off-lease cars but armed with detailed, real-time pricing data that was not available during the last downturn, auctioneers can now help automakers figure out where a used vehicle can fetch the best price. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

Quebec incentives cover used Nissan Leafs, including U.S. ones


by Sherlock77 (James) Used Nissan Leafs from the U.S. could migrate north to take advantage of an incentive program offered by Canada’s Quebec province and embraced by Nissan North America. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

Commerce Dept. investigates steel imports used in auto parts


by charlie cars The Department of Commerce is looking into U.S. steel industry complaints that several foreign competitors have gained an unfair advantage by selling at artificially low prices. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

FTC adds seven revisions to Used Car Rule


by DryHeatPanzer The Federal Trade Commission has updated its Used Car Rule, implementing seven revisions that cover a variety of necessary disclosures, the commission said on Thursday. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed

AutoNation: Used market ‘ripe for disruption’


by Tangent~Artifact, here sometimes 🙂 AutoNation is joining some of its competitors in opening standalone used-only stores. AutoNation will invest up to $ 375 million in the AutoNation USA stores in the next few years. … Automotive News Breaking News Feed